Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Come Back.

A 4th year CDU nursing student has a very very boring social life, worst: NO SOCIAL LIFE AT ALL. We went to the mall to have Aiken's car checked up (KIA has this free consultation thingy) and I really had fun. I mean, fun in the sense that I was laughing hysterically like nobody's watching. HAHAH. My social life only involves SMS-ing friends. Very Fun. Hmm. And yeah, I wanted to have a fake tattoo with what I wrote below my ankle and fortunately, there was a free fake tattoo-ing in the event that we went to.

the outline. pardon my fuckingly awesome handwriting. *insert ?face* GAAA.

Meanwhile, in my Facebook's newsfeed, I saw my aunt's status.

Here's what my Aunt posted:
FACEBOOK TIP: when you have a husband who is away on a business trip and there is something you like that he can buy from where he is, post a picture of exactly what you want on your wall. he might buy it for you. ;) ...... thanks francis lim for my toms! (i didn't do it on purpose though) ;p. am so excited for thursday! :)
My comment:
 when you have an aunt who is miles away from you and there is something that you want in cotton on that she can definitely afford and can definitely buy for you, just tell her what it is and she might buy it for you. :D thanks in advance te. I am so excited for it. can't wait for you to go home this december. HIHIHIHIHI 
I'm so good, right? HIHIHI.  

*senseless Na.Na*


Yes. I've been busy these past few days because of school stuff (when will this end?). I've slept for like 2 hours so, I'm kind of grouchy. I want to sleep but I have a lot of things to do. GOD!!!!

My papa is in Ormoc for a big bike event and I'm like, what the? BRING ME NEXT TIME! HIHIHI

So anyways, I was browsing through my aunt's Facebook wall when I came across a photo that she was tagged in by her husband. The photo was a letter that she and her daughter tucked in the bag of her husband just so they could surprise him and make him feel "homey" in Hawaii. I think he's in Hawaii for a job thing (LUCKY!!).
Here's the caption:

 two very touching gestures. both from the heart.
travelling away for 10days and wifey tucked in 50bucks that she has kept for so long in her wallet. seeing it, ninya got an assortment of coins from her piggy bank and tucked those in too. she said so that i have money to be able to eat while im away!
thanks so much girls! missing you a lot!
Isn't this the sweetest thing ever? I lived with them for a week when I was in HK for a vacay and I could really feel the love. chos! 
My aunt commented. Here's her comment:
we are very blessed w/ a very sweet daughter. i asked her what she like to tell papa. i wrote what she said in a piece of paper and she copied it in the card. try having the php n hk coins to usd maybe u can buy pinacolada and hawaian pizza by it. :D we miss you too padoy! have fun still.
I am so breaching their privacy but this is too sweet. :D I am so jealous, I wish to have a happy married life just like what my aunt and my uncle have. (PLUS! they have such a very cool daughter.) AWWWW.
This is just it. HAHA. Got nothing left to share. So, I'll end this post with a song that me and Nicole love. 

*senseless Na.Na*

Sunday, June 19, 2011


It's been a tiring week. Classes only started last week but it feels like a month. T_T
Research has been sucking my freaking energy, time, and soul. HUHUH. I'm so tired. I can't even sleep that much because of school work, tests (as if I study. haha), and our manuscript.  

I wanted to watch Green Lantern yesterday but there was a massive change of plan because there's nobody who wants to watch it with me. I just went with my friends to Aiken's house for dinner (it was the eve of their barangay's fiesta).

 A sad thing happened to me two nights ago. I told my friend, who's been my crush for the longest time, that I have a crush on him BUT he didn't believe me at all. He just told me to be patient and that love will come my way soon.

Who the fuck does he think he is? Why is he so fucking blind? 

I'm done. I'm moving on. I'm going to make him regret for ignoring me. Just wait and see. 


*senseless Na.Na*

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just a Litte Hurt, That's All.

Life's unpredictability is stupid. I've been a fan of its unpredictability BUT it sure is, well, stupid. Senseless, right? HAHA

Anyways, I'm just hurt, that's all.
*senseless Na.Na*