Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Come Back.

A 4th year CDU nursing student has a very very boring social life, worst: NO SOCIAL LIFE AT ALL. We went to the mall to have Aiken's car checked up (KIA has this free consultation thingy) and I really had fun. I mean, fun in the sense that I was laughing hysterically like nobody's watching. HAHAH. My social life only involves SMS-ing friends. Very Fun. Hmm. And yeah, I wanted to have a fake tattoo with what I wrote below my ankle and fortunately, there was a free fake tattoo-ing in the event that we went to.

the outline. pardon my fuckingly awesome handwriting. *insert ?face* GAAA.

Meanwhile, in my Facebook's newsfeed, I saw my aunt's status.

Here's what my Aunt posted:
FACEBOOK TIP: when you have a husband who is away on a business trip and there is something you like that he can buy from where he is, post a picture of exactly what you want on your wall. he might buy it for you. ;) ...... thanks francis lim for my toms! (i didn't do it on purpose though) ;p. am so excited for thursday! :)
My comment:
 when you have an aunt who is miles away from you and there is something that you want in cotton on that she can definitely afford and can definitely buy for you, just tell her what it is and she might buy it for you. :D thanks in advance te. I am so excited for it. can't wait for you to go home this december. HIHIHIHIHI 
I'm so good, right? HIHIHI.  

*senseless Na.Na*


  1. i want to have a tattoo too! and oh, your aunt is so cute!

  2. mine is a fake one and it doesn't really count. hihi. thanks, btw. :D

  3. haha smart girl! very, very clever! so glad i found another pinay blogger! i liked browsing through your read! newest follower here! hope you visit my page sometimes..hear from you soon? kisses!

  4. This post made me laugh. Also I love your blog header! x

  5. Haha, you literally make me laugh out loud. I must try that trick sometime! You are such a funny writer, and it flows so beautiful. I'm so happy I found your blog, and spent far too much time looking at your older posts, and (at some points) laughing my head off! OOOO love the quote at the top! I'm your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog, and follow back if you like! Hear from you soon?


  6. haha. got your aunt right there.:)