Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: Unaccompanied Minor.

So, I just finished watching Grey's Anatomy Season Seven's final episode. No guns and police were involved with this episode unlike season six's final episode, where a lot of people died. 

This season's finale was kind of weird for me. 

I mean, Derek left Meredith with Zola; Karev's new "Izzie" (you know, with the commit-in-a-relationship-then-leave-sort-of-event) stole  his shot for a residency in Africa ; Yang's pregnant but again, she doesn't like the thought of her being a mother and then there's Owen who's insisting to keep the baby; Lexie is obviously still in love with Sloan even though she and the Avery are together BUT she chose to stay with Avery because he makes her happy; Adele, the chief's wife was technically the reason why Mer tampered with the drug trial; April became the chief resident (ooh, the follow-the-protocol girl); and the most awesome thing that happened to this episode was when Teddy finally realized that she has feelings for Henry too (take that trauma counselor!). 

What can I say about the finale?

Well, it wasn't as bongga than last season's finale but the thing about this finale is that it leaves you hanging. It made me formulate scenarios as to what might happen next. If Karev is going back to Mer's house or if Derek comes back to his senses or if Yang changes her mind about terminating the fetus or if Mer can handle being a mother or if . . .

 The worst thing about Yang and Mer is that they only think about themselves, they only think about their own pain, they only think about their own future. They shouldn't have gotten married if they want to do things their own way. I love them both but as what I saw, they deserve what they got. They should learn from this. Marriage isn't just about having sex or having a baby or who's going to provide this or that; marriage should be about sharing the right to make decisions or to plan for a future together. 

Anyhoo, I could really relate to Mer's last words before the last scene fades out. I feel her pain.
"Losing love is like organ damage, it's like dying, the only difference is death ends, this--it can go on forever."

I'll end this post with the song that was played in the end of the episode.


*senseless Na.Na*

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