Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear You.

World, I'm sorry but this post isn't meant for you, it's for this certain guy that I've been chasing for three years. 

Dear You,

Uy. I liked you for three years na, why can't you see it? I was happy when you and chuva broke up, I thought I had a chance to replace her pero many people told me na you two are really meant for each other, na hindrance raku; na i'm better off as a friend rather than as a chuva. 

I tried bya, na wa nagparamdam. pero no matter how hard I try not to text you, maka text jud ku. You're like a stupid magnet. CHOS!

Anyways, kbw ku na you see me as a FRIEND ra and nothing more pero sumtyms, I wish na you'll look at me or even just for a moment na maka think ka na i'm more than that. 

If only you could stop looking straight ahead then you would see me at the side, trying to catch your attention; praying na one of these days na you would notice me.

Honestly, naay times na I wish na wa ta nagkafriends cause at least if stranger ra ka for me then I wouldn't be like this. I closed bya myself, I dint like other guys cause I was waiting for you.

I want to be P'nam. I want to tell you all these pero I don't think that I have the guts and I'm freaking afraid of the outcome.

Ambut uy. BASTA! <--browse nanhi. most of my posts are about you.


*senseless Na.Na* 

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