Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hardship is like a tsunami; he takes his time before he blows you off unexpectedly. We know he's there and it only depends on us f we'll run from him or face him straightforward. 

And then there he goes, slowly approaching you. Bigger and bigger he grew and then he knocks you over. He splashed away everything that you loved and owned and then you'll start losing faith in all the things that you used to believe in.

After  he destroyed everything that you loved; alone in a wrecked part of nowhere, you ask yourself: how will I get through this? How will I manage to pull things up? How will I stand up on my feet again? Will I ever get through this? He makes you lose faith in humanity, in yourself, in what you believe in, and in your god

But through him, we can figure out our worth and our mission in this crazy world. Instead of hating him, we need to just accept him and through him, we need to rise up and prove him wrong: THAT WE ARE NOT WEAK. Instead of making him a hindrance, let's make him our motivation to push through; to recover. Instead of running away from him, why won't we chase after him to knock him off. 

There's just one thing that we can do and we should do: it is to KEEP THE FAITH. Because when we start to lose faith in our god and in ourselves, it will be hard to stand up again. Cause with faith comes great strength to walk forward or to  face whatever monstrous being or disaster who will come our way. Because with faith there is a brighter tomorrow.

Keep the faith, World. :D

*senseless Na.Na*

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