Sunday, March 13, 2011

Which One Are You?

Hello, World. :D

Here's the list:
  1. People who think that I act like I know everything: I know that there are times wherein I tend to know a lot about stuff and sometimes people misinterpret it as a know-it-all attitude when in fact I really know what I am saying. They should read more because for sure they will act the same way.
  2.  The Copy CatsWhatever. I am trying my hardest to be different and here they are copying everything: even the way that I text, they way that I speak, the way that I act. I think I should love these people instead of hating' them 'cause this just proves that I am FAMOUS (KIDDING!!!)
  3. The Great Pretenders: Why can't you just be yourself? Why can't you just say whatever you want to say? Why can't you act like you normally do? Is there really a need to pretend? 
  4. The Princesses: Hey, B*TCH! You ain't a princess. You don't have a castle and Cebu isn't your kingdom. Stop ordering us around like we're your servants. You have a hand: two in fact, why won't you use them? B*TCH.
  5. The Religious Snake: Yo! You always go to church. I can't deny the fact that you are a religious person: the way you pray and the way you gossip are similar. HA! You might as well burn in hell. Grabe mo teh! Kung makalibak ka mura man sad ka'g nag pray ug rosary. Sure jud ka na naa kay fear ni God? 'Cause the way I see it when you gossip, mura ma'g wala.
  6. The Fakes: Need I say more?
  7. The Yes Man: You always say yes and yet in the back of your mind, you want to say No. You're playing it safe, dude. You'll got nothing from it. :D
  8. The Eavesdropper: "Pa simple-simple lang pero nakikinig na pala!" When you talk, make sure that this this person is not beside you.
  9. The Neurotransmitter: This person listens to you intently and transmit the messages to whomever she sees. BEWARE again. :D
  10. The User-Friendly: The friend user.
  11. The Rich: Yea, you got money. We know that fact but is there really a need to tell everyone about it?
  12. The Egotistic: You got a huge ego; such a huge ego.
  13. The Irresponsible-sons-of-Voldemort: You suck! Urgh.

To be continued; updated na, world. :D

Bye, World. :DD

*senseless Na.Na* 

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