Friday, March 4, 2011


Hello, World.

So, we were tasked to make articles and video presentations for the following:

1. Nursing Trends
2. Case Presentation
3. Nursing Issues
4. Nursing Procedures

As one of the people behind the mag that we were making, it's my responsibility to facilitate each writer of the groups who were assigned with different topics about their articles.

I was asked to make a little introduction about Euthanasia even though I'm not really good in English. HAHAHA

Euthanasia or commonly known as Mercy Killing is against the Lord’s and the government’s law. In a country like the Philippines, where Christians are the major inhabitants, mercy killing is a taboo; even in this modern day and age it is still considered as one. As future nurses, we should all keep in mind that Euthanasia is and will always be MURDER even if it will be legalized in the future. According to Mr. Tanola, a clinical instructor in Cebu Doctors’ University—College of Nursing, that even though there is mercy in mercy killing, it is still murder. We all know that Euthanasia can alleviate a person from the pain that he or she is suffering but that doesn’t mean that taking that person’s life is right. Yes, patients can benefit from it but it is against societal norms, God’s scripture and the fact that we are bound by the Philippine Law make Euthanasia wrong. We all have been living in a conservative society where we’ve been taught about the difference between what is right and what is wrong; and one of them is about killing someone/taking someone else’s life. It has never been right thus it has been always wrong.

No matter what names you call it, whatever benefits a patient can get from it; as what I’ve said earlier, it is MURDER and will always be considered as one.


*senseless Na.Na*

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