Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aiken's 19th.

Hello, World. :D

What's up? HAHAHAH. 

Uhm, last February 20, 2011 was Aiken's birthday.

We celebrated it with a photo shoot. HAHAHA. We went there the day before so we could have a soiree at Coco Palms in her home town, Danao.

But before we went to Coco Palms, we went to the mall to buy toiletries because we forgot to bring some.

looking for the cheapest toothpaste. haha
 paying for the toiletries.
they're looking for Mr. P's cologne. haha

After going to the mall and buying the things needed for the night, we then went to Goldilocks to pick up Aiken's cake.

 preparing to eat.
 being silly. :D
 what's with the face, lex? haha

checking badjao's messages. HAHAHA
The uber cool vocalist of the band.
Inday, Alexa, and Badjao played for Aiken.

Instead of enjoying the night, we were hindered by a homework for our Informatics subject. I made four home works to exact. The band was really good. Their songs were great.

At around 11-ish, after the soiree, we went to El Salvador. We spent the night there. 

 checking my FB.
with my famous friend:

We waited until it was 12 AM to greet Aiken a happy birthday(unfortunately, there were no photos taken because Inday was busy watching YouTube videos HAHAHA). 

Morning came and we decided to eat breakfast at the resto. We haven't taken a bath yet. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

 aiken and badjao.

 chillin. :D
 after breakfast. a photo op. a big thanks to the waiter. :D
 my famous friend again. :D
 the birthday girl. HAHAHA

It was quite a memorable day for us. We went to two ukay2  stores(my papa calls it garment shop, social my papa huh? hahahaha)

I bought like 10 used clothes for less than 100 pesos. :DDDD the best thing ever.

Anyways, we had a photo shoot.

After the shoot, we went to the church. :D We went home and I bragged to my mama that I bought a lot of clothes. HAHAHAHA

Bye, World. <3
as i was making this post, my crush and I were exchanging text messages. :DDDD

*senseless Na.Na* 

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  1. hahahahha! you, my lubs hap. :))) iLOVE. <3