Monday, February 14, 2011

Single Awareness Day/Valentine's Day.

What's up, World?

So, uhm, Valentine's Day is long gone here in the East(HOORAY!). OH YEAH!(i just hope that the icky vibe in school would all be gone) Anyways, as what I've said in my post about the mini photo shoot, Inday took photos of me and Dy(myangkong/lolo) looking and acting like a couple(I uploaded the photos in my facebook page and my aunts were like "Who the hell is that next to you?" HAHAHAH). 

Yesterday was HELL. Couples were like "Oh honey. Happy Valentine's Day!" (YUCK!) and we're (my kabarkada and i)  like "SHUT THE FCUK UP!" (Just Kidding!) I really loathe that day. I really do.
I was pretty unlucky that day.  
CAUTION: the next paragraph would be icky.


1. I FORGOT TO PUT ON MY DEO. I really did. It was pretty embarrassing and I was like checking my armpit every second and asking my friends if I smelled weird. HAHAH. So, to cover up the smell, I sprayed perfume all over my body until the weird smell was covered up with the perfume's smell. (T_T)

2. I paid 80.00 for my taxi ride to school. T_T It was supposed to be 60.00 but since January 28(I don't really know the exact date), they added 10.00 to the starting meter. 

3. I failed the pre test. T_T (I didn't study. I was too tired because I slept late that night and I wasn't really in the mood.)

4. My crush didn't even say Hi! to me. T_T A friend of mine received a bouquet from her admirer, I was so fucking jealous of her. I SUPER HATE VALENTINE'S DAY. T_T WHY WORLD? WHY NOT ME TOO? I'm just kidding.

Anyways, Valentine's Day was just a normal Monday for me (and to all the single ladies in Asia)HAHAH


Bye, World.

*senseless Na.Na*

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