Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hello, WOrld. :D
Here's a little something that I made out of boredom.
a raw feeling by an overused heart;
denying reasons that would tear it apart.
a revealed secret of a broken whole;
an emancipation of the heart from its soul.

an answer to a question too difficult;
i can’t comprehend, is it my fault?
they say, the heart can see what the eyes cannot;
my brain wants to chase after you but my heart would not.

cause i’m not ready, well, i never had;
i’m confused, and by this, things went bad.
i can heart it, but i try not to listen;
of how my heart screams your name out of the open.

feelings were not expressed and words were not said;
of a broken girl’s dreams and of how many tears she shed.
if only this guy could see her heart;
then his soul and hers will never part.

Bye, World. 

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