Friday, February 18, 2011

I'll Be Waiting.

Hello, World. :D

Anyways, it's 3 AM and I'm still freaking awake. As I was browsing for YouTube videos, I came across with IBU's I'll Be Waiting video and I instantly fell in love with it. I was like, 'this is what I'm feeling right now'

Anyways, There is this movie that my friend asked me to watch in YouTube entitled A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It is all about this girl who fell in love with their school's heartthrob (the guy had a crush with the girl too but he just kept it to himself). The girl confessed to him about what she feels but unfortunately, the guy has a girl friend already. 9 years later, they met and they lived happily ever after. HAHA. :D<3

"I liked you for three years. I made myself beautiful, I studied, I changed for you but the only thing that I haven't done is telling you how I feel." (not accurate)

After watching the movie, I realized that I really need to tell my crush that I liked him for the longest time because MAYBE, he feels the same way too(wishful thinking, much? HAHA). I had a crush on him for three years. We became friends,, which is really great. He had a girl friend who was so freaking beautiful(I can't compete with her), they broke up but I think that he still likes the girl. There was this time wherein I gave up on him but  it seems like he has this power over me because I keep on liking him. So, I made a promise to my friends that I will tell him how I feel on March 25, during our "Garland Ceremony". Whatever the outcome might be, there will be no regrets. :D

I mentioned about I'll Be Waiting by IBU and the freaking song is really good. Try'na listen to it:

"It all started as one simple crush but I knew in time that soon I would be another victim of love. "

"This is more than a crush. Baby, I'm falling in love and it's a feeling for you.  I don't know what to do. And if one day you could see, how special you are to me. I'm praying soon you'll be mine but until the time ill be waiting for you."

I'm off to sleep, I have 2 hours to do so. I need to go to school. T_T I hate Saturday classes. 

Bye, World. <3

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