Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wrong Equation.

one plus one isn't three
so why are you with her when you're supposed to be with me?
is my best not enough?
is solving that simple problem that tough?

you took me out to see the sunrise
cause you said you'd love to see the sunrise through my eyes
i took you in my  heart and believed your lies
i didn't even see that you're a demon in disguise

was it my fault that i didn't see?
three years ago that you want to be with me
i feel so bad for doing it to you
i was young then and didn't have a clue

the other day, i saw you together
and i just realized that your love had wither
like a sycamore tree wrecked after a beautiful spring
it is so hard to accept that what we had was just a fling


one of these days, i will be over you
i will be happy without the thoughts of us two
as time pass by, you'll never see the sunrise in my eyes
remember, it wasn't me who said the last goodbye

*senseless Na.Na.*

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