Friday, February 18, 2011

Must-View YouTube Channel (ASIAN PRIDE)

Hello, World. :D

YouTube has been a go-to website for people who wants to be known or those people who wants to show their talents to the world. There are quite a few stars in different countries who have been discovered through posting videos online such as Justin Bieber, Charice, Sungha Jung etc. but there are some who still remained in the comfort of their pages even though they're Billboard-material.

Anyways, here are some people in YouTube to whom you must listen to. They're really good and I'm not exaggerating.

1. J.Reyez (it's the J.R.E.Y.E.Z.)

I don't know his real name but all I know is that he is a Korean who is residing in Canada. I knew of him because of his wonderful cover of Taeyang's Wedding dress with Tommy C. His YT page got 2,105,016 views to date and his collab. with Tommy C for the Wedding Dress cover got 3,231,041 views (take that JB. :D).

2.JR Aquino

I think he's a Filipino because I've seen him together with AJ Rafael(sorry, I'm not really sure), he's currently living in the US. Anyways, he has this uber wonderful voice. <3. He has over 2,774,339 channel views to date. He has done beautiful covers to some of the popular songs now and for the past years.  His covers are great but his original songs are to die for. <3

"Just hanging out with our PJs on. Watching 'Law & Order: SVU' all night long."

A Thai rapper who's been receiving attention for his crazy videos and antics in YT (the skits, babe). To be honest, I think he's way better that Lil Wayne. Fresh rhymes. If he's not rappin', he's posting these crazy videos about random things. :DD He has over 45,217,552 channel views and 228,705,310 upload views.

"Looking like a man but I feel like a boy."

There are a lot but those three are my favorite. You could check their sites plus these:



Bye, World.<3

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