Saturday, February 12, 2011


Last saturday, February 5, 2011, we had a mini photoshoot at South Roads Project. It was a photographic collaboration(I don't know what to call it. HAHA) of Mark Mel de Torres, Kirsten Ian Marie Arche and Mary Fel Lamparas. I wasn't one of the models, I was just an assistant to Ms. Alexandra Sol G. Go (the main make up artist).
 left photo: me and Mariel Paler (one of the models) right: Ms. Alex Go "Ma'am Lex"

Mary Fel a.k.a Inday(, she's using Nikon D90), asked me to be her 'test shots model'  which I, a self imposed SelCa(self camera) master, happily accepted (DSLR na'to, Pre). HAHA.

 one of the test shots by Inday
(yeah, i'm fat. deal with it. HAHA)

Anyways, it was a very hot day. I almost got dehydrated and there was no convenient store there and we didn't bring any water. How stupid of us. HAHAHAH It was just that, we didn't anticipate that it would be that hot because it was raining the night before. There were students who came there too to have a photo shoot. I think it was for a project, I don't really know. We saw this couple who's  sucking faces in public. What they did was really inappropriate.  BYUCK. The good thing was that, before we took off, we decided to shout "CHULA"(a cebuano term for french kissing) to piss them off(which was very successful). HAHAH  They were very shocked (their friends were laughing too!) and the boyfriend flipped his middle finger to us while her girlfriend hid her stupid face(take that, suckers).  HAHAH

I wanted to have a picture with Dy (my angkong) acting like a couple but instead of one, we ended up with tons of photos. The pictures were really cute and sweet. The next time that I would have my pictures taken with a guy, it should be with my boyfriend not with a friend(people were misinterpreting us!). HAHAHAH
For more photos: Mary Fel Lamparas:
                    Kirsten Arche:
                    Mel de Torres: you can check her facebook acct. for the teasers.

credits: photos: mlamparas.

*senseless Na.Na*

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