Sunday, February 13, 2011


i met you two years ago and i was mesmerized;
with that silly smile of yours and those perfect eyes.
we became friends and started hanging out;
to be honest, you made me happy, there's no need to doubt.

but then your dream girl came and stole your heart;
she became your new drug and then we started to part.
she is now your life and you are hers;
and i am just left with nothing but these pooling tears.
it sucks to know that what we had ended before it even started;
it seems like to me that you didn't like how my love tasted.
never in my mind did i think that you would take me for granted;
until you left me here all alone; wrecked and devastated.

like any other fool, i waited for your relationship to end;
that day came and now i am waiting for your heart to mend.
despite what you've done, i will still wait;
until you'll get over her even if it will be too late.

It's been four years since that day;
when I saw your eyes that were as bright as the sun's ray.
I need to let you go: I guess this is the perfect time;
Now, this poem has lost its rhyme.

Goodbye, I'll see your heart soon;
Goodbye; I'm tired of listening to this tune.
Goodbye, forever will I love you.
Goodbye, it's hard but I have to.

 *senseless Na.Na*

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