Sunday, April 24, 2011

FO SHIZZLE - Lyle Beniga, Shaun Evaristo, and Aimee

Have you ever seen someone so fly that whenever that someone moves he's literally flying?*insert confused face here* HAHAHAH. Well, I know I have. I haven't really seen them perform live and by live, I mean, I'm freaking near to be able to touch them, but I've seen some of their rehearsal videos and interviews in YOUTUBE (youtube, again?) HAHAHAH. I know, the youtube freak is at it again.


I just learned recently that SHAUN "EFFIN' HOT :P" EVARISTO was the one who choreographed ALSO EFFIN' HOT TAEYANG's Wedding Dress dance with the other AWESOMELY HOT LYLE BENIGA. I love Taeyang because of the dance and he delivered the dance really well BUT when I saw the two of them (Shaun and Lyle) dancing to the song, I was in AWE and I was like: I can really feel the pain. Really.  No exaggeration. HAHAHA

I adore the three of them and I'm proud of them because they're showing to everyone in the world that Filipinos aren't just good in singing (Charice, Lea, etc.) BUT we also excel in DANCING.

Here are some of the awesome rehearsal videos that they have.

Lyle Beniga


Shaun Evaristo


As an avid fan of dancing (though dancing hates me), I adore these three awesome people (I'm not biased just cause they're Filipinos), they really are awesome. Excellent choreographers, they have their own flavors. The good thing about them is that they incorporate emotions to their dances; they don't dance to impress people but they dance because that's how they feel and that's who they are. 


KUDOS to the THREE. <3

twitter: aimee  shaun   lyle

credits: youtube pictures

*senseless Na.Na*


  1. Hi!! .. Let me ask this even though it's a dumb question .. uhmm.. Are they (Shaun and Lyle) well aware of their Filipino roots?? .. I never really heard them say that they're part Filipinos ... except for Aimee because she just recently visited PH ... .. :)) .. THANKS :)

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