Monday, April 25, 2011


I know we have our own set of priorities: family, school, work, self, etc.  I also know that it depends on us if which of all the priorities that we have will we choose to be our main priority and if you ask if what mine is: it's to graduate...for now. Our THESIS is a group thing: if one fails to do his/her job then all of us will fail obviously. 

I've been telling everybody to work their asses off to accomplish the things that they're supposed to do. This may sound as if I'm dissing someone but the truth is, I'm tired and it's time for me to let this out.

The design hearing is near and we haven't even have our draft checked (it's not even that good), the tool hasn't been checked and we couldn't modify it unless it's been checked by the research coordinator (I'm just waiting for Aiken to send me a text so that I could go to school), we haven't even conducted a pre-survey (I told them before I've had my short vacay to do a pre survey but they didn't), our LEADER who's supposed to be the one leading us is getting on my nerves for being such an irresponsible bitch (PUN FUCKING INTENDED!). I mean, how can we succeed if we won't cooperate with each other, right? As what I've said, it's a group thing!

I just hope that all of us could meet and be done with this before the design hearing. There are a lot of things to do and there's little time left.

If they she don't doesn't want to graduate, FINE! They she should go the research coordinator and tell him about that rather than ruin my OUR future.

BV shoo. Leave me in PEACE.

UPDATE: nothing was accomplished yesterday, will meet with my groupmates tomorrow and I'm fucking gonna participate in this activity thing to pay off my absences. hell fucking week. Next week would be our volunteer duty week and the week after would be a week to pay off my fucking absences. 

GOD! I need your help! *enter optimistic thoughts*

*senseless Na.Na*

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