Friday, April 1, 2011

Reasons Why I Like You.

Hi. <3 HAHA. 
  1. You're you.
  2. We're friends.
  3. You know me.
  4. Every time we talk/text, you show me new things about you.
  5. You tell me things that other people don't.
  6. You're honest to me.
  7. You're the guy version of myself.
  8. You love Japan.
  9. You watch animes.
  10. You read mangas.
  11. You're smarter than you think.
  12. You tell me things that would help me become a better version of myself.
  13. You're fun to be with.
  14. Your smiles make my day better.
  15. You know when I'm pissed.
  16. You know when I'm sad.
  17. You respect me.
  18. You treat me like I'm your sister.
  19. You wear chuck taylor shoes. <3
  20. You hate partying.
  21. You're a dork. :D
  22. You play video games.
  23. You reply to my texts even though you're playing a game.
  24. You text me first.
  25. You dress well, I mean, better than other guys.
  26. You're sweeter than you appear to be.
  27. When my day is bad, just a glimpse of you makes it better. 
*senseless Na.Na*

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