Saturday, April 2, 2011

Have you ever?. . . . .I know I have.

Have you ever felt like you're lost; that even though you know your way home, you just can't seem to find it? I know I have. 

It's like the road is getting unfamiliar even though you've taken that same route for 20 years; that the familiarity to the streets that you've walked on becomes blurry. 

I felt lost for quite some time already, that even I can't seem to find my room inside the house; that even the comfort my bed used to give me has been trampled with that feeling of unfamiliarity. I know I'm not making sense at all but this is just how I'm feeling.

A young mind once said; "It needs a lot of loving to make a house a home.". A home. Loving: I only felt a little. 

Have you ever felt like your own parents are feeling a bit distant from you? I know I have

I don't know, it has been this way since I rebelled against them in high school, but it feels a little hurtful to see my brother being taken cared of by them when I'm the one who needs that kind of care from them knowing that I'm being pulled down by the stresses of my course.

Have you ever . . . I know I have.

*senseless Na.Na*

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