Thursday, April 28, 2011


We went to Hong Kong for a week and I enjoyed it pretty much. Hong Kong is definitely a place that I would want to settle in (but JAPAN is on the top of my list). The weather is appropriate (it's not as hot as it is now here in the PI). Anyways, what I love best about HK is that their culture is a mix of the east and the west. Shooz, I fell in love with their public transportation. 

  The famous Mong Kok Market. :D
 The homewrecker.
 Big Buddha.
Mong Kok, baby.
 McCafe. walay ngun ani sa Cebu. T_T
 Proud ma, nicole's dance recital
 Nicole - Loraine.
 Korean squid. . ? I forgot. HAHA
 enjoying the view
 lala with her two ladies.
 making faces
 the sunset.

*senseless Na.Na*

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