Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ocean Park. No particular word can explain how invigorating their rides are. HAHAH. I was really expecting that the roller coaster ride and the abyss are scary but I found them not that scary -- I was asking for more. HAHA 

I could've gone back to ride The Abyss again BUT it started to rain in the middle of the Dolphin Show.

I know, less words; more photos. So here are some of the pictures we had in Ocean Park. 

 nicole and loraine.
 ocean park arrival. we rode a taxi from the ifc mall to the place.
 yes baby.
 the aquarium entrance.
 it's patrick.
 coolest view of the underwater world.
 great shot by francis lim

 An-An. <3
 this is after going in the aquarium, i think. enjoying the pop corn.
 did you know that the company my uncle works for was the one behind the magnificent landscape architecture of ocean park?
 the buaya!
 i wrote my name and your name on the board. <3

 by Francis Lim
you can go to the next mountain via cable cars or train. we decided to ride the cable car just cause. haha. the fog, man. it was really a thrilling ride.

 lala really loves flowers. She was into the flowers than the rides/views.
 the littler mermaids.
 the dolphin show.
 I was scared of the steps rather than the abyss and the roller coaster. haha
 aren't they cute?
 it started to rain in the middle of the show. 
because of the rain, the show was suspended.
then it rained hard so the show was cancelled. T_T
too bad. we we're really excited for it.
 jelly fishing. haha.
 we decided to take the train back to the other mountain, where the entrance is located.
 making fun of lala. haha.
 the submarine-themed train.
 admiring the train. haha
 it's raining and we're off to eat dinner
 chopsticks for three; spoon and fork for two.
 dinner time baby.
 tres marias - lala
 kyamko girls by blood.
 on our way to the MTR station.
i forgot the name of the mall. haha
 train ride back to tung chung.

*senseless Na.Na*

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