Monday, April 4, 2011


WHAT THE FREAKING F? The freaking delay in the processing and releasing of passports is killing me. 10 freaking working days delayed? >_< and to think, my flight is on April 15. lols

Why of all the time in the world would they update their computers during the summer break? I mean, they know that many pinoys would go on vacation during the month of march - may. 

lols. The DFA is killing me.

I just called the travel agency that I paid to facilitate with my pass port and the girl on the phone told me that the expected date that I would get my passport was last March 31 but because of the delay in the releasing of the passports, I would have to get it by April 14. pa Yes, that's a day before I'm set to go to sdkjhfjkbnsdf. I am so screwed. Totally, screwed.

Dreams shattered; plans ruined. Thank you, DFA. Thank you. </3

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*senseless Na.Na*

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  1. preha mu ni andy ug complain about sa passport yang! :)
    btw, the screwed2x thing.. mao sad aku gi-stat gabie! imu ku gi-compel nuh? or nag-on lng jud atu bluetooth? hahahaha!